This Is How A Pimple Changed My Life: The Story.

Two years ago, I woke up with any girl’s nightmare: a pimple. A big, bad one. Right in the middle of my face. The pimple was probably one of the worst things that ever happened to me. And now I’m trying to turn it into the best.

I was stupid enough to have this pimple on my nose for more than a year. I tried every cleansing product to make it go away; and then I tried every makeup product to try to cover it up! On vacation, my dad, a plastic surgeon, told me my nose looked deformed because of the “pimple”. Great, I thought, another problem: unsupportive parents. He pointed out that the "pimple" had gotten bigger, and that it needed to be checked out right away. The second the doctor saw my face, he diagnosed it on the spot.

Skin cancer.

I didn’t know how bad it was until I went to California to see a surgeon who specializes in dermatology. They removed the pimple… along with, literally, half of my nose. This was followed with wearing a patch on my face for five months. (I thought I looked like a monster, but no worries, my mom still thought I looked hot!)

Of course, people started asking me what happened. “Skin cancer,” I would answer honestly.

“That happens? I mean, at your age?”

Yes. It does.

My goal became to invent a company that would take my attitude towards what had happened and turn it into something that would help and benefit others. The pimple was the worst thing that ever happened to me. And now I’m trying to turn it into the best.

I created FTHESUN, a campaign that sells sun-protective apparel and products as a way to raise awareness about skin cancer and help people protect against the sun. Our goal is to promote a positive, healthy, and protective attitude towards life and skin care.

Our technology, design, and financial model are all aimed at presenting a united front towards one simple cause:


If you want to learn more about FTHESUN and help my initiative,  get a hat, #stayshady with us, and follow us at @fthesun! Can’t wait to see you all #stayshady – don’t be stupid like I was and start protecting yourself now!

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