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Our mission is to end ignorance in the world and make the world a shadier place. We travel around the world to find communities that need to get shadier, and provide the means and education to lead a shadier life under the sun. Read more about our projects below, and help us make the world SHADY AF!




WHY? Rumor has it that Peru has one of the highest, if not the highest, radiation indices in the world. The high levels are due not only to the season and the proximity to the Equator — the sunlight is almost perpendicular to the Equator — but to pollution and to our friend the El Niño. It is estimated that every year, Peru is losing an average of 1% of the ozone layer that covers the country, that means LESS PROTECTION, which in turns means, more cases of skin cancer. TOGETHER, WE CAN STOP THAT!


Click HERE to read more about our #STAYSHADYPERU campaign 


#StayShadyForAChange - July 2016


The FTHESUN team went to Mwanza, Tanzania to help kids with Albinism learn how to protect from the sun and #stayshady. We held a series of workshops where close to 200 kids learned about the sun and skin cancer in a fun and practical way. We made bracelets that change color depending on the radiation levels, we learned proper hand washing techniques, and we learned how to dress properly to enjoy life under the sun. The FTHESUN team also donated specially designed sun protective hats to every kid in the program through its one-for-one #shady hat campaign. (Thank you to everyone who participated in our campaign!!!)   


Click HERE to learn more about our #STAYSHADYFORACHANGE campaign in TANZANIA.

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