#STAYSHADY HUARAZ is the first campaign FTHESUN launched in Peru and it was a huge success. More tan 260 kids learned how to #STAYSHADY and got their SPF Chullos. 

The program was created to target kids in the Andean Region of Peru that are currently in elementary school. The curriculum involved activities to learn about solar radiation, the skin, skin cancer and as an added bonus, personal hygiene.

Our pictures below show the story of how, kid by kid, we will make the world a shadier place.



Eliane, Founder, and Steven, COO, teach a class of 6-year-olds how our skin works and why sun protection is important. Yes, we compare our skin to cake, because who knows what happens when you leave a cake in the oven for too long?.. You get it, we know. 


After learning about our skin and the sun, we put our knowledge to practice. Each kid builds our own version of the ByElianne Canary Bracelet (Thank you byElianne!) by inserting a UV reacting Bead to a Thread. Once everyone sees the bead react depending on the radiation levels, it is time to play the SHADOW GAME! The kid who can find the shadiest place in school gets a prize. Our goal is that this bracelet will remain in their minds every time they see the sun come out. We want a shadier future ahead!


Steven Hygene

Steven loves teaching our personal hygiene class. In this module, kids learn the "professional" method to wash their hands. Volunteers are encouraged to show their peers how to wash their hands like a real doctor and lastly, we play a germ game to show how fast and easy it is to get in touch with germs.



Our shady squad is showing the power of our UV Bead and showing off their new SPF Chullos - specially designed hats to keep kids warm in the winter and protected from the high levels of solar radiation found in the Andes of Peru.

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