During November 2016, we met the youngest of our shady squad team members. We developed special classes targeting kids between the ages of 3-5 years old and showed them how living a healthier life under the sun could be fun. 

The curriculum included some theory about the sun, about our skin, methods to prevent sun damage, and of course, our UV Canary Bracelet Workshop. 


Eliane, founder, teaching kids the different methods to stay shady during the Peruvian summer months. Psst. you can spot Shady, our character, in the presentation shown on the screen. 



Our little shady squad follows the class by coloring in the different ways in which we can protect our skin: long sleeves, pants, hats, glasses, etc. Each kid is given a naked Shady, as well as all the accessories needed to protect him. They are responsible for making Shady a sun safe buddy. 



After we learned the theory, it was time to put our knowledge to test. Our little ones made their own version of the byElianne Canary Bracelet to help them understand how solar radiation works and when we need to protect our skin. The bead on the bracelet changes color depending on the radiation levels, and it is used as a reminder to protect ourselves, or #STAYSHADY, as we call it. 


This is how much kids love to #STAYSHADY with our programs. We promise to make every kid in the world a shadier kid - in a good way, of course. 

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