Peru is an amazing place, but it is also a very dangerous one! Studies have shown that Peru has one of the highest levels of UV radiation in the world. Some places, especially those close to the equator or those in the Andes, can have UV radiation that reach up to EXTREME levels (20 on the UVI!). The problem is that these levels are not going anywhere but UP (yeahhh.. Ozone Depletion is real - NASA data shows that the greatest ozone-depleted area in the world besides the one over Antarctica runs along the Peruvian Andes!)

This is the reason why FTHESUN is launching its #STAYSHADYPERU campaign. We need to teach the children of Peru the dangers associated with the sun and how to protect from it. We need to keep our future generation SHADY AF! Soon, the FTHESUN team will be visiting schools in areas with extreme solar radiation in Peru to promote sun safety and teach kids how to #STAYSHADY.

We need your help to help as many kids as we can. With your help, we will be funding workshops and donating our newest and coolest product ever: THE SPF CHULLO. A beanie hat inspired by the designs and culture of Peru, that is designed to protect kids from the sun as well as from the cold temperatures found in the Andean region.

We will be visiting our first school in November and we need your help to reach our goal. For every product you buy, shades or hats, our team will be able to donate one “SPF Chullo” to a kid in the Andes of Peru and teach him how to #STAYSHADY.

Join us in our new adventure and lets help the kids of Peru #STAYSHADY!


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