FTHESUN Canary Bracelet

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The ByElianne bracelets are here! We have partnered with them to create the FTHESUN version of the Canary Bracelets. For every purchase, byElianne will donate a percentage of sales to help FTHESUN's educational Skin Cancer Prevention campaigns across the globe. Each bracelet purchase will sponsor an educational package for 5 kids. Help us keep the world #SHADY by supporting our efforts! 

The bracelet comes in multiple colors: Black, orange, light blue. 

The Deets:

The UV bead will change color to remind you to stay undercover. It will go from clear to a dark purple when the UV rays are strong enough to hurt your skin. 

Note: This is not a medical device, but merely an accessory to help you keep track of the sun's radiation. The bead should retain its color-changing properties for several months. (sometime more, sometimes less) It's the perfect summer gift for everyone! The bead is a bit small, we do not recommend the use on young children.

Returns/Exchanges: Not Accepted. Sorry!